Sunday, February 4, 2018

Dear God, I seek wrongly. I ask for what I do not need, indeed what I already have. What I lack I do not even know I am missing.

I ask for worldly security, for a sense of safety. This undermines my ability to depend upon you wholly.

I implore you to provide guidance. I do not notice that all your signs are already on display. I need but read them.

I beg of you to remove this or that shortcoming. I do not pay heed to the ways in which you may be using them. I imagine I know which flaws ought to be erased.

I ask, finally, to do your will. Yet it is willingness I need. Your will shall be done. It is up to me to align my aims with your direction.

Lord, my thinking is so twisted. For so long I have hid it under a covering of piety. I have really been substituting my own will for yours, substituting me for you.

Strip away myself-directed aims. Let me see the truth of them, no matter how seemingly beneficent or goodly. Leave them all at a heap by my feet. Kick away my supports, that I may utterly depend on you.

Let me think rightly. Let me seek only greater willingness to do your will.

(Letter #1121)